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Mirrorsoul is a personal/collective/gateway domain. It's that little something that's wholly mine - something that I paid for, something that I created, something I can share or withdraw at will. Call me selfish. Or neurotic.

If you're wondering what mirrorsoul actually means, the answer is simple - it doesn't matter. Whatever you come up with is what it means. Everyone interprets things differently and I have no reason to impose an arbitrary definition. Break it up, and you get mirror and soul - a relfection of the soul. And everyone sees something different. I came up with when I was brainstorming for domain names and it resonated. It fit. So now it's here.

I started making web pages in sixth grade. My first attempts were hosted at and were northing more than clumsily personalized easy web builder pages. Embarassing.

The next year I took my first computer class and as part of it, had to make a site with Netscape Composer. Though somewhat more sophisticated than my previous endeavors, that particular set of pages weren't anything to be proud of either. I moved to

I was then dormant on the web design front for something like half a year until the discovery of full moon graphics (as I was far too lazy and unoriginal at that point to actually MAKE layouts) drove me back to the keyboard. After using two theme layouts from full moon, I then moved to and began my first serious foray into design.

Eventually I began looking to get hosted - but not being patient enough to wait for an offer or acceptance, I decided to get my own domain.

After an year with wynterchylde and numerous server problems, I decided to switch servers - and to leave wynterchylde behind with it. However, being a terribly sentimental person, I couldn't bear to let it go completly. So I passed it on to Rye, my erstwhile hostee and partner in crime, retaining a co-ownership. We're moving slowly but it will eventually host our collaborative works and projects.

Right now, aside from mirrorsoul and wynterchylde, I also have three other sites, all in various states of disarray. In other words, I've got my fingers in too many pies.

Current Layout
This edition of made with Paint Shop Pro 7, Notepad, and WS_FTP. Fonts used are Arial and Georgia. Original image from sxc. All other graphics and content © to me, and nothing may be taken without permission.