Introductory Spiel
Okay, this is why you're here, right? Well, yes, I am hosting. But please note: Application does not equal acceptance. I will only contact you if I am interested in hosting you. If you do not hear from me within a week after submission you were probably rejected. The form is up so you can bring your site to my attention - however, realize that I reject the majority of applicants.

If hosted, you get:

  1. Private FTP
  2. Your own cgi-bin
  3. (POP or forward)
  4. A reasonable amount of space (20is MB)
  5. and / or
  6. Some to talk to. Or rather, someone to talk at you. Namely, me.

If hosted, you must:

  1. Communicate with me!
  2. Respect me. I am not a freeserver. Do not treat me like one.
  3. I don't require people to update 'at least once every so-and-so often.' But if your site is just going to sit for a while, make sure you drop me a line every once in a while so I know you're alive / okay / etc.
  4. Lastly, be willing to get to know me. Be willing to let me get to know you. After hosting your site for a few months I'd like to sort of know who you are. I don't want total strangers on my domain.

A Note:
If I contact you about hosting your site, it means I am interested. It doesn't mean that I will host you immediately or without question. There might be some things I want to clarify, or maybe I want to get a clearer impression of your personality. Also, I am not looking to host projects. If I see a project that needs hosting that I like, I will offer. If I host you and you have some projects you'd like to move to mirrorsoul, you may talk to me about it and I will mostly likely be willing to give you another subdomain for it. But please do not submit any cliques / rings, etc for hosting. I am only looking for personal sites, writing sites, photography / art sites, or sites that are some combination of the preceeding.

To get hosted, please:

  1. Have self-originating content. Preferably artistic in nature.
  2. Good design and graphic skills. Content is the most important thing, but I'll never see it if your design makes me close the window.
  3. Matching colors and graphics. Your layout has to make sense.
  4. CREATE YOUR OWN GRAPHICS AND HTML! Seriously. I shouldn't even have to say it. A simple handmade layout is okay - a fancy, complicated, graphic-heavy schtick that you snagged off a layout shop is not. If you didn't code your current layout for whatever reason, have examples of your own work.
  5. Proper use of grammar and spelling - and no teeny talk. As soon as I see "ur" or "luv," etc, I will leave. A few typos and mistakes are forgivable, but not every other word.
  6. Broken and / or mistargeted links annoy me. Don't have them.
  7. I'm not looking for blog / journal only sites. I might make an exception for a very good one, but probably not. You should have other content, too.
  8. YOU MUST KNOW FTP. I won't be able to host you if you don't.

Yes, I am picky.

Do not apply if:

  1. have no content. I don't care how many adoptables, surveys, contests, quizzes, games, or any other supposedly "interactive" crap you have. I don't care about your CD list, shoutouts, or downloads. I want nuance and meaning, originality and artistry.
  2. ...your site contains discriminatory / hate orientated thinking. This includes homophobic material. It is sad that I have to clarify.
  3. think bright, mismatching neon colors are pretty. They aren't.
  4. ...your site / layout is based around a celebrity. Be more original.
  5. tYpE lIkE tHiS. No, it is not cool.
  6. don't have a good handle on web / graphic design. Exceptions can be made on this if you manage to impress me with your writing or art. But don't expect your one poem about the similarities between your ex and your dead cat to knock my socks off.

DO NOT submit fansites or fanlistings of any kind. I do not want them.
DO NOT submit if your site is not done! Show me a fully operational site.
DO NOT IM or message me to ask for hosting. FILL OUT THE FORM.

Think you can handle that? Then go ahead and apply. (pop up)